First and foremost, I’m a mum.  When my daughter was born 7 years ago it were a huge, life-changing experience for me.  I understand first hand that often pregnancy and parenting choices are not easy ones.  I also understand that all parents want to do the best for their families, which is why I set up this service.


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I’ve had 15 years’ experience working as a midwife in the maternity service in Northern Ireland, where I’ve looked after mums with complex pregnancies and births, as well as mums having beautiful, normal births at home, in midwifery led units and in labour wards. I’ve seen women in antenatal clinics and at home with their babies. I also completed my MSc in Midwifery in 2011, the research which I undertook was published here.

I qualified as an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) in December, 2016.  Considered as the “gold standard” in breastfeeding support, this qualification allows me to explore more complex breastfeeding problems and offer tailor-made solutions which perhaps other health care professionals, doulas, and breastfeeding counsellors, aren’t aware of.

Additionally, I’ve been a sling consultant since October 2015 and I’ve used these skills ever since to volunteer at Babywearing NI, a sling library.  Using slings is a wonderful way to bond with your baby and keeping him/her happy while leaving your hands free to get some housework done or dinner made, or for introducing your baby to the big, wide world.  Using a sling was a real life-saver for me in the early days and continued to be a important element in my parenting toolkit for the first couple of years with both my children.

I’m also an accredited 3 Step Rewind Practitioner.  3 Step Rewind is a gentle technique which works very effectively at changing negative emotions around a birth.  While it can be used in any context, I offer it specifically with regards to birthing and breastfeeding experiences and have seen it work very well with regards to birth phobias, previous traumatic births and negative breastfeeding experiences.

I’m currently undertaking the Holistic Sleep Coaching Course, which is a comprehensive and very gentle, respectful approach to improving sleep for your family.  As an IBCLC, I love this course because the approaches are supportive of breastfeeding, where so many sleep training techniques damage breastfeeding relationships.  Thoroughly evidence based, this holistic approach has a firm grounding in sleep biology and realistic child development.  I’ll be offering this as a service in 2020.


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