I offer group classes and one to one sessions.  If you are interested in either please complete the contact form and I’ll get back to you with the next set of classes or if you prefer to have a one to one session, we can tailor this to your specific needs and at a time of your convenience.

Empowered birth: We’ll discuss the options that are available to you for example:  place of birth, pain relief, and how they can affect your birth. This class also offers a practical component with a chance to practice many of the different techniques and positions which can be used to facilitate an easier birth.

Preparing for Parenting: We often forget that at the end of a long birth process we get handed a baby that we have to look after! The first three months are sometimes referred to as the Fourth Trimester, a time of adjustment for you and your baby.  This is the session that most new parents wish they had taken. We look at normal newborn behaviour, bonding with your baby, safety considerations and practical suggestions designed to make those first few exhausting, but wonderful, weeks with a newborn a little bit easier.

Successful breastfeeding: This session looks at the realities of breastfeeding, how to initiate it successfully, how to know it’s “working” and how to identify problems which require specialist help and sources of support.

And for mums who have had a baby before…

Birth Take Two: This session is designed specifically for parents who have had a baby before, who perhaps want to be better prepared or to do things differently the next time around.

Breastfeeding Take Two: For a variety of reasons many women stop breastfeeding before they were ready to.  This can be difficult for many women, and it’s not uncommon to feel anger, regret, guilt or grief because you weren’t able to meet your breastfeeding goals.  This session is specifically aimed at women having their second, third or fourth baby, and who want to meet their breastfeeding goals this time around.