I offer the following services either in your home (additional mileage charge may apply on top of service cost) or at Complete Wellness Therapies in Lisburn.

As an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), I offer the following services:

Breastfeeding consult, often used to identify the cause for breastfeeding problems and establish a plan to improve the situation. I carry out a full history, undertake an oral assessment on the baby (including tongue tie assessment), and observe a full breast feed.  We then discuss your breastfeeding goals and develop a plan of action with you. I then follow up as necessary.  (2 hours) £70

Successful Breastfeeding: a workshop to help you prepare for breastfeeding. See classes page for further details. (2 hours) £15 per group class, £50 per individual session

Breastfeeding Take Two: a workshop for mums who didn’t meet their breastfeeding goals in previous pregnancies. See classes page for details. (2 hours) £15 per group class, £50 per individual session.

Based on my experience as a midwife and further courses I’ve undertaken, I offer a regular programme of birth and parenting classes. These can be taken in a group situation (see classes page) or customized for your individual needs. I offer the chance to discuss a wide range of topics that you might want some further impartial insight on. I’m happy to research any topic for you and discuss current guidelines, in addition to my existing class content.

£15 for 2 hour group class, £25 for two group classes, £50 for an individual session