Breastfeeding is important to many parents.  International Board Certified Lactation Consultants are considered the “gold standard” of breastfeeding support and are equipped to address many breastfeeding concerns that other health care professionals cannot.  As an IBCLC I can offer support for issues such as: painful feeding, slow weight gain, refusal to latch, feeding multiples, weaning off the breast, recurrent mastitis, etc.   A breastfeeding consultation typically consists of:

  • A face to face consultation, lasting between 1-2 hours
  • Taking a full history
  • An oral assessment on baby (including using a validated assessment tool to screen for tongue tie)
  • Observing a breastfeed
  • Practical support will be offered throughout the consultaton with a focus on empowering you to make the feeding adjustments yourself
  • Discussion of your breastfeeding goals
  • Developing a plan of action, with written materials given
  • Two follow up phone calls/emails from myself
  • You are encouraged to contact me regularly for support within the timescale discussed in the plan
  •  A further face to face consultation can be booked for £50 if required



Sleep is an important aspect of parenting and most of us feel like we need more sleep or our babies should be sleeping better!  My approach to sleep is holistic and very much centred around what your child is developmentally capable of, within the context of your family life.  All of the suggestions I’ll make are gentle, respectful, supportive of breastfeeding and will never involve leaving a baby or child, to cry.  I’m happy to see a baby, toddler or child of any age and offer a tailor-made sleep plan for your family.  A sleep consultation consists of:

  • A questionnaire and sleep diary that I ask you to complete and return to me before our face-to-face consultation
  • A face-to-face consultation, lasting 1-2 hours
  • A written sleep plan
  • Sleep habits can take up to 8 weeks to consolidate, therefore a full package offering 8 weeks support is recommended.  If this package is chosen, I’ll arrange weekly contact to discuss the plan and make adjustments as necessary.  If you choose the basic package, I’ll follow up twice within an agreed timeframe.
  • Within the agreed timeframe, you are encouraged to contact me with any concerns or queries.
  • Further support can be added to the basic package with additional face-to-face visits at £50, or you can upgrade to the full package at any stage.



Having a new baby can be a confusing and tiring experience.  It can be difficult to work out what is normal, what isn’t and what can help your baby.  This package aims to provide you evidence based support around normal behaviour (and signpost you for further help if behaviour isn’t normal).  If you are struggling with wind, reflux, colic, bottlefeeding issues or unsettled behaviour and you’d like some practical support to make your baby happier, this package is for you.  The approach I use is respectful of normal infant development, and I’ll suggest strategies that will provide appropriate stimulation and soothing techniques that help support brain and social development.  A consultation consists of:

  • A family centred questionnaire to identify your parenting values and goals, and assess the issues you’re having
  • A face-to face consultation lasting 1-2 hours
  • Practical support to equip you with skills to deal with the issues
  • Written materials to support you with your concerns
  • Two follow up phone calls from myself
  • You’ll be encouraged to contact me with any questions or if you need further reassurance, within the agreed timeframe
  • Further face-to-face support can be provided at an additional fee of £50 per visit



Pregnancy and birth can be exciting but for some parents they can also be quite stressful. Occasionally parents report a phobia of giving birth, and in these cases, the Three Step Rewind Technique can be used very effectively to help with the strong emotions that the prospect of birth conjures up.  Some parents also experience a traumatic birth, and this can impact on their ability to adjust to parenting, bonding with their baby, or can impact on their long term mental health.   The Three Step Rewind Technique is a very gentle technique which allows you to process these strong emotions in a safe environment and change the way you feel and how you react to the memories of the birth. The technique is usually carried out over three face to face sessions, each lasting around an hour.


**Please note that while I complete my Holistic Sleep Coaching programme, all sleep packages will have a 30% discount**
**Please note that while I complete my Holistic Sleep Coaching programme, all sleep packages will have a 30% discount**



If you’d like to contact me with a query, or to book a service, please contact me on

I can offer payment plans if necessary, and if cost is an issue please contact me, as I may be able to offer support in another capacity than those listed above.