Pregnancy can be exciting, but for some parents it can also be quite stressful or physically uncomfortable.  Occasionally, parents report a phobia of giving birth.  I can offer a private pregnancy session (or sessions) tailored to your needs.  It might incorporate elements from my classes, or we can explore specific aspects of pregnancy and birth, if you want to feel more informed about your choices.  If you are feeling some physical discomfort we can add in some exercises designed to balance the ligaments around the uterus and make space for the baby in the pelvis, which you can continue at home in the weeks after our session.  If you have any fears or concerns specific to the birth, we can carry out a gentle technique known as the 3 Step Rewind technique which can be very effective at changing strong negative feelings.

Following the birth I can offer support in various ways.  I can offer a breastfeeding consultation which includes taking a full history, carrying out an oral assessment on baby and observing a breastfeeding.  We’d then discuss your breastfeeding goals and develop a plan of action.  If your birth has been difficult or traumatic, the 3 Step Rewind technique can be very helpful in  processing these strong emotions.  You may want some help in using a sling safely and comfortably, or just have someone with whom to talk through your parenting concerns, and try to work out how best to parent in a way which feels right for you.

Depending on your needs and the time required, a tailormade session starts at £40.  A breastfeeding consultation in your home costs £70.  Mileage charges may also apply.

If you’d like to talk to me about any of these services, please contact me on